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    MDMA-Assisted Therapy

    Is there a relationship that’s blocked in your life? …with yourself or another?

    You may ask yourself: “Are we feeling something we’re unable to discuss?” Probably so. Those feelings won’t disappear. The energy of the unexpressed feelings will be present, blocking the connection until we take the time to release or express it. We may not tell the other person what we’re feeling, but all of us are wiser than we think. Our bodies and emotions will begin reacting to what’s denied, despite what we say. We may think we’re being polite and appropriate by not saying what we feel. We may believe the thoughts and emotions are so minor that it would be a waste of time to acknowledge and express each and everyone of them. It is true that some aren’t worth mentioning, but many are. We need to take the time to feel and release the thoughts and beliefs that are important to us!

    MDMA-Assisted psychotherapy can help you access those unexpressed, denied parts of yourself.


    I will offer MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for both individuals and couples once FDA approval, and my certification through MAPS is finalized.

    Soulful Relationships is currently unable to:

    • provide MDMA-assisted therapy, offer MDMA in any way, or recommend that you use MDMA on your own

    We are able to:

    • offer counseling, guidance, support and integration services


    For now, I have created this list of resources for you on psychedelic therapy.