6 Ways To Improve Your Health (That Aren’t Going To The Gym)

You already know that for optimum health you have to eat right, exercise, and try to keep your mental health in check. But, you’re not a big fan of carrots, and you don’t want to go to the gym. Fortunately, there are plenty of steps, both large and small, you can take that don’t involve either of these but can...[ read more ]

Getting Help: How Professionals Can Help You Recognize the Signs of Addiction

There’s a belief that someone who has a substance abuse problem isn’t truly ready for help until they “hit bottom." That may or may not be true, but it’s surely a sign that something has gone seriously wrong when one’s life becomes unmanageable due to an addiction.  For example, an executive or business professional might experience a job loss or...[ read more ]

What To Look For When Finding A New Home

Whether you’re renting or buying, it’s important to know your own preferences before venturing into the market. By laying out your criteria, you can gain an early insight into how likely it is you’ll find the right place and how much you’ll be paying for it. Here are a few pointers to help decide. Location When moving to a new...[ read more ]

How to Deal with Social Anxiety after COVID

It has been a very long year. Lockdowns and social distancing have had a profound impact on our hearts and minds. But thankfully, as the vaccines roll out and the country begins to slowly open back up, we are beginning to return to some kind of normal.While many people are jumping for joy with the idea of taking part in...[ read more ]

How to Help a Loved One After a Miscarriage

News of pregnancy always comes with mixed emotions. For most couples, there is immediate joy, but that joy is also usually mixed with a bit of worry. And this worry isn’t for nothing as, sadly, one in four pregnancies will end in miscarriage.While miscarriages are all-too-common, it doesn’t make dealing with grief and sadness any easier for anyone involved. It...[ read more ]

Benefits of Co-Parenting (And How to Do It)

When two people decide to separate or divorce, the first question they usually must answer is, “What’s best for the children?” Well, according to the Third International Conference on Shared Parenting, co-sponsored by the National Parents Organization and the International Council on Shared Parenting, children need both parents in their life, no matter how those two adults feel about each...[ read more ]

A Frugal Self-Care Guide for Introverts

Most people understand that there are a myriad of factors that affect our health and well-being. Environment, genetics, and access to resources all play a part, but one factor that is often ignored is personality. Our temperament is often considered separate from our health, but the truth is that the two can heavily influence each other. This is particularly true...[ read more ]

Mental Health Habits for 2021

We live in a society that seems obsessed with physical health and weight loss. A majority of people have tried one or more diets to lose weight. People join gyms, juice, and take supplements, all in an effort to optimize their physical health.Sadly, most people don’t give their mental health a second thought.The problem is, no matter how good you...[ read more ]

Creating a Parenting Plan

In a perfect world, marriages would never dissolve. But divorce is a reality and one that impacts everyone involved, including the children. To help children feel safe and secure during the weeks and months that follow a divorce, it is important that both parties work together to come up with a co-parenting plan.Keeping Your Children’s Best Interests in MindSimply put,...[ read more ]

Knowing When to End a Relationship

Relationships can enrich our lives, but they can also cause damage. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or significant other, any relationship comes with its share of challenges. And more often than not, putting in the effort to resolve relational issues can and does result in a healthier bond.But there are those relationships that, no matter the amount of work...[ read more ]

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