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    Psychedelic Integration Therapy

    The ceremony is only the beginning. 
    Integrating your experiences is critical to your transformation…
    without it, you risk becoming more fractured and destabilized. 

    Learn how to work with psychedelics more consciously to find the wholeness and freedom that you seek!

    Are you returning from a journey in another country (or dimension) involving indigenous ceremonies with plant medicine? Preparing to enter or exit an FDA approved clinical trial? Yearning to weave a shift in consciousness, insights or epiphanies from a psychedelic experience into your everyday life? Still trying to process and make meaning from a difficult experience? Grappling with other non-ordinary states of consciousness or a spiritual emergency?

    I assist individuals who have had a psychedelic experience and whom are looking to ground and integrate that experience into their day-to-day life. 

    Psychedelic Integration can be understood as the process one continuously undertakes to bolster the insights they gained from an experience and live from that place of new knowledge, awareness, and understanding. Through this post-transformative experience process, individuals are supported and guided to uncover new perception and meaning. 

    This kind of support is also open to those who are preparing for a psychedelic experience. 

    In working together, preparation & integration becomes a practice in self-compassion, personal growth, and internal strength. I believe that integrating our psychedelic experiences is in-service to both the individual and the collective, and that through this process we can find great joy and meaning.

    While psychedelics are regaining credibility in the science and academic fields, I feel it is essential to acknowledge that women and peoples from indigenous cultures throughout the world have been using plant medicines to heal for millennia.  My approach to integration work is rooted in this ancient wisdom and my belief in your innate capacity to heal. In fact, we all possess an innate ability to heal ourselves.

    Talk to me. I aspire to help you awaken to your inherent wisdom, empowering you with tools to facilitate your own healing. I am committed to creating and maintaining safe, sacred space in which psycho-spiritual transformation and healing can occur.

    Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries.

    ~Carl Jung