• Learn to see life from a whole new perspective

    As the field of psychedelic research continues to expand, science is gaining a deeper understanding of the therapeutic potential of these substances and their ability to catalyze profound healing and transformation on all levels of the human experience. The yearning to know our True Nature is an evolutionary impulse.

    Here’s the inside-out approach: if you start to change what you think about who you are at your inner core ~ what you identify with ~ then the outer personality will begin to shift. The persona will become more translucent. You’ll become less of a self and more of yourSelf. And that’s when inner peace is revealed. 

    Many people believe their life purpose can be reduced to a job. Although meaningful work can be an important part of our life journey, a job is not our purpose. Our purpose is to self-realize, and our soul blueprint knows how to accomplish this. Our soul blueprint is the original spiritual plan for our development. It is the innate guiding wisdom within each being that knows what it is meant to be, and the superior pathway for awakening that potential for the maximum spiritual benefit of all.

    When we are in touch with our deep inner truth, we live by that blueprint. It holds a feeling of resonance, validity and authenticity for us. Through its blessings, and preordained challenges that help us grow, living by this inner spiritual directive strengthens, inspires and ultimately creates joyful self-actualization.

    An example of the soul blueprint in action is the intelligence within a caterpillar that knows how to move with patience and engage in an astonishingly dramatic transformation process, to emerge as a butterfly.

    The original and purposeful wisdom of our true spiritual nature is life-changing. It can dissolve inherited pains and psychological struggles and allow projections from others (which may influence us, yet are about their desires, not our true nature) to cease to affect us. Under the soul blueprints influence, we embrace our unique life path and discover who we are according to our unique path and divine timing.

    Rather like the radical and courageous alchemy of the caterpillar, there will be moments on your authentic life path that are in absolute harmony with your divine destiny as prescribed in your soul blueprint, however, you may feel disoriented or conflicted or confused because of the changes that are occurring. It may be a time when a difficult choice is before you, or a phase of your life when it feels as though everything is spinning into chaos.

    During such moments, remember the innate genius of that soul totem, the tiny caterpillar. The same spiritual intelligence that will guide its evolution, guides all beings, including you. In that sense, we are never alone.

    Every sentient being is on an evolutionary journey that unfolds according to guiding wisdom with love as its essence. This process can sometimes be intimidating, but it is trustworthy. In the fulfillment of that process, which is complete self-actualization and radiant self-realization, there is joy, freedom, clarity and grace.

    Aligned Therapy

    Working with Keli, you are going to experience something unique. Rather than a sterile clinical setting, you will feel a warm and welcoming vibe as you journey through altered states. She is experienced in navigating psychedelic realms and curating sanctuary spaces for deep work within non-ordinary states of consciousness; she moves at the speed of Trust and Safety. 

    Keli aligns with YOU and your intention while supporting you during your journey with a conscious act of being present, open, allowing, and protective of what you need in each moment.

    She’ll guide you into extracting your own meaning from your experience and use simple, sacred tools to build ritual and connection to yourSelf, helping you to merge and integrate that meaning into your daily life. 

    Keli’s passion for this work is wrapped within the wisdom-sanctuary that psychedelics offer us.

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    How To Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence by Michael Pollan

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    Beyond the Narrow Life: A Guide for Psychedelic Integration and Existential Exploration by Kile Ortigo

    Integration Workbook: Planting Seeds for Growth and Change by Kyle Buller

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