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    Please use the form below to send a message to Soulful Relationships Psychotherapy with your questions about relationship counseling, sex therapy, and psychedelic-assisted therapy.

    Please be aware, I do not do hands-on work, give medical advice, or give opinions about a decision you need to make. 

    What You Should Know Before You Decide to Work with a Relationship & Sex Therapist

    You are likely coming into therapy in order to engage with yourself in a new way, make a relationship better, or restore your sex life in some way…and that’s a great start!

    Most general therapists and counselors are not equipped to handle the dynamic of working with two people in a room, nor are they highly trained in the area of relationships, especially when it comes to sex (even if they list it on an online profile). In the room with couples, conflict can escalate quickly if not headed off skillfully, and therapy sessions like that can do more damage than good! That’s because both individual and couple therapy sessions, may uncover old wounds and increase communication barriers rather than promote healing. The use of psychedelics can reduce defenses and obstacles to change. We certainly won’t use a psychedelic in every session, however, it will serve a portion of the treatment plan…which is why we say “psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.”

    There are hundreds of licensed counselors and therapists in Colorado for you to choose from. Please see my About page for additional information. If what you see here resonates with you, we may be a good fit for the journey you are about to embark on.