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    “All relationships are vessels of transformation. Our Souls call us together, and we’re supported by cosmic alignments, by Higher Guidance. We heal because of, and through, each other.” ~ Danielle LaPorte

    Psychedelic-Assisted Couple Therapy

     Do you feel like your relationship is at a standstill?

    Are you and your partner stuck in the same argument loop?

    Do you feel like the you and your partner are drifting apart?

    Do you desire more intimacy between you and your partner?

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    Marriage As Mandala

    So many of us want to be loved unconditionally while we’re simultaneously holding on to a lot of our own conditions, beliefs, and expectations that block receiving love at all. That creates inner conflict. If we’re excessively boundaried, we swing back and forth from a “this works for me” and “this doesn’t work for me” pendulum of judgment. So…boundaries as a developmental part of our awakening? YES. Excessive barriers that divide? No need for that.

    Popular media constantly promise that true love carries infinite restorative power by joining separate people into an abiding unity. But if we define love as an unconditional force that unites, isn’t it redundant to add the word true to it? How could love not be true, if it’s really such a powerful uniting principle? So the term true love reveals that there’s a lot of false love out there.

    Many loves proclaim to be a uniting force, but turn out to be a disconnecting one. It’s a fact of human nature that, due to our own past trauma and hurt, people aren’t always as they present themselves. The notion of true love expresses a paradox: It creates an expectation for an idealized “love” superior to … every other love experience one has had so far. When the question, ‘Is this a true love?” comes up in a relationship, you can bet it’s more like one of you is saying, “I hurt. What’s worked for me, hasn’t really worked, and I need it to work this time. In truth, I am not yet able to integrate my experience.”
    To experience True Love—the unifying power of genuine relationship—we need first to truly love all of life. The degree to which we can integrate an unconditional, unifying love for all of life corresponds to the degree to which we can experience True Love.


    When two people create a path together, it is as though their individual intelligence and wisdom join together in a synergistic way, acting as a larger, guiding force that can show them where they most need to grow as individuals. This is called “couple intelligence.” One way such couple intelligence works is through a natural balancing process. Anything that one partner ignores, the other will feel a greater need to emphasize. Whatever quality of being one denies, such as power, softness, or playfulness, the parter will find themselves feeling an urge to express more strongly. Regarding the relationship as a teacher means that you can trust that what is happening between you contains wisdom and intelligence you want to pay attention to.

    In my experience, couple therapy is more about becoming self-aware than “fixing” your partner. All things can be improved, changed, and refined with just a little support. In my couple therapy sessions, I offer a safe space for relational healing, personal expression, and intimacy-building. The goal is for you and your partner to have a satisfying, secure, and sexually fulfilling marriage, along with a reciprocity of inspiration. Being present, rather than being emotional or logical, is what allows real intimacy to happen.

    When two partners move in this direction, they leave behind the old parent-child dynamic of “I’ll take care of you, and you take care of me.” And they forge a much deeper bond, based on encouraging each other to honor the sacred presence and basic goodness within them. This is a relationship between true adults, one that can allow for old feelings from childhood, without being driven by them. Then two lovers can appreciate their connection for what it is, not heaven or hell on earth, but as an alliance of warriors, a loving communion of two travelers sharing The Path. 

    Explore a Couple’s KAP Experience

    In couple therapy at Soulful Relationships, you’ll develop the necessary skills needed to maintain a sustainable partnership…

    Enhance & enrich your partnership.

    Increase sexual intimacy with your beloved.

    Deepen & strengthen your connection with self & others.

    Regain the intimacy and love you once shared.

    Redefine your relationship.


     I use a combination of therapeutic approaches with couples, including, but not limited to Ketamine-Assisted Couple Therapy, Gottman Relationship Therapy, Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, Cognitive-Based Couple Therapy, Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (or PACT) and IMAGO Therapy.Gottman Approved Member