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    What my clients have to say

    “My experience with Keli and ketamine assisted psychotherapy have been truly astounding and immensely positive. My experience with KAP thus far has been very promising in terms of reducing the long-standing effects of PTSD, depression, and anxiety in my life. KAP sessions have allowed me to break down the barriers that I’ve maintained internally for nearly my entire life that have previously inhibited me from making the progress I was hoping for with SSRIs and talk therapy alone. The insights I have gained during ketamine assisted therapy sessions have actually taken root in my life and have helped me develop new habits, ways of thinking, and the resilience to no longer view myself as a passive bystander in my own life. Previously, I felt that most of the individual work I was doing in therapy was in vain and nothing was “sticking”, and with KAP I have found that this treatment modality has greatly helped in finally moving my life and my mental health in the right direction. If you have the opportunity/desire to work with Keli, I highly recommend getting in touch. She has become such a calming, healing, and uplifting presence in my life, and I’m truly grateful to be one of her clients.”

    FG from Colorado

    “KAP has helped me understand my trauma in ways that would have remained inaccessible without it. It helped me reflect on the pain in new ways and get past some old grooves in my brain. It is not a cure-all, and I have much more healing to do, but I have felt much less dissociated and much more compassionate in my day-to-day life. I can say without a doubt that it has had many more positive effects than other therapies I have tried.”

    L from Colorado

    “Keli’s guidance paired with the ketamine journey are a powerful combination. While on the ketamine journey, the experience was vast, deep, and multi-faceted. It made previously inaccessible things accessible. Keli used these openings to help me dig deeper, make sense of complex experiences, see things more holistically, and integrate the journey. She was able to see threads of continuity in my therapy sessions and the ketamine journeys to help me face into some significant patterns and let them go. Ultimately, I feel more liberated and have noticed subtle but significant changes in the way my mind works. I now more easily access my truth even if it is not comfortable.”

    Andie P.

    “My experience doing KAP therapy with Keli has been life changing. Her holistic approach to the experience made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I was able to tap into things I don’t think I would have in any regular therapy sessions. Things have become much clearer and lighter in my everyday life. I feel empowered and like the tools I’ve learned to self soothe and manage my anxiety are clearly apparent. I’d been in the painstaking process of unlearning my coping mechanisms and unraveling my traumas for a long time. The heaviness I had felt on my chest and the depression is no longer there after KAP. I feel like it streamlined my healing and made things click. I am a happier and healthier version of myself thanks to KAP and Keli. Her calming support and kindness has been a safe space for me through a lot. I have so much gratitude for her. Thank you so much Keli!”

    M from Austin, TX