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    Spiritual Journey

    “Spirituality is a quality that goes beyond religious affiliation, that survives for inspiration, reverence, awe, meaning and purpose, even in those who do not believe in any God. The spiritual dimension tries to be in harmony with the universe, strives for answers about the infinite, and comes into focus when the person faces emotional stress, physical illness or death.“  -Murray & Zentner

    Are you yearning to find your own way?

    Are you curious about different spiritual paths and which one is “right” for you?

    Do you desire self-actualization so you can live a conscious life?

    Are you ready to journey into the heart of spirituality—sexuality—and soulful relationships?


    Real change comes about through inner work, when we “attend to soul” and discover who we are. Only then can we can realize our potential for truth, power, creativity and satisfaction. But how do we proceed when faced with such a confusing array of approaches, often mixing modern psychology and ancient, usually Eastern traditions?

    As a psychotherapist and spiritual guide, I have explored deeply the relationship between personal therapy and spiritual growth, because they refer us to our innate capacity for wholeness. I found that they are connected by a middle stage of authenticity that brings our unique, compassionate self into true relationship with other people and the world.

    My therapeutic approach is an innovative psycho-spiritual, transpersonal psychotherapy, which reveals a new understanding of what it is to know yourself, create real change, and to discover all that is within the human heart. This is the great challenge of a human life!

    It is the potential of every person to grow into a wholeness. My work bridges personal therapy and inner work with spiritual growth.

    Personal exploration is qualitatively different from spiritual development: the former requires self-absorption, the latter requires self surrender. In the first we discover ourselves, in the second we liberate ourselves.

    The difference has confused many seekers. These two processes are really one single connected process.

    Today the secrets are known, so there is no mystery about the modern mystic path. But merely knowing the secret does not reflect our need to live it and to follow the path. The essential secret is that we are consciousness and consciousness is eternal. Freedom from separation and attachments involves living into this secret until it becomes our central reality… beyond fear and desire.

    My lifelong search has been to realize this freedom. My enduring work with others has been to share openly what I have found, to guide others on the inner journey, and to enable and empower them to awaken to consciousness and realize their true nature.

    There are three levels of awakening—personal, authentic and spiritual. I call these three levels:

    1. The Process of Self-Discovery
    2. The Transformation into Authenticity
    3. The Source of Consciousness

    They form the foundation of my work.

    Our small sense of self, which we experience as character, is a reflection of our deeper self. But when we become attached to the small self we deny ourselves freedom. We partly do this through clinging to the small sense of self and living in a prison of emotional and behavioral patterns which effectively have us going round in circles without any memory that we have repeated life experiences which are dictated by our conditioning. To conceal this from ourselves we use our character as a defense. Our character has to be brought consistently to awareness until it becomes transparent to us and we understand it for what it is, live with it in a positive way and become empowered to make new choices. This is the work of personal therapy and the aim is to resolve the unfinished business of our early life experiences.

    When we have recognized and shed our attachment to our small sense of self, we are faced with the fact that, since we are not our character, we don’t really know who we are. There follows a great adventure in authenticity. We confront our fears and desires in a radical way and ask, “If I am not willing to be who I really am, then what is the meaning of my life?” Thus we cross a threshold of truth and sincerity to fundamental change. No longer are we driven by the compulsions of our habitual emotional and behavioral drives and living in a prison of our own making. We become genuine, real and our relationships to life and to others are transformed by this new understanding. This is the work of depth psychotherapy and the aim is to become self-responsible and authentic.

    The true Self is the state of perfect freedom in which we transcend the human conditions of fear and desire. We reach a deep understanding of the body-mind and soul as incarnate spirit and practice living out of emptiness and not-knowing. This is how we learn to truly be, beyond separation and attachment. It is the state of non-ordinary ordinariness, wisdom and unity. It is experienced by many temporarily but it requires great courage and determination to remain in it.

    This is the work of psycho-spiritual psychotherapy and the aim is to live in the present moment beyond memory of the past or fear of the future, centered in the spiritual realms beyond the personal, being entirely natural and living from our true nature.

    Finding the wisdom inside the wounds you’ve endured is one of the most important conversations you’ll ever have with yourself, because on the other side of it is the emotional freedom and depth of joy that you were born to have.
    Make an appointment now and we’ll ignite your inner spark!


    Testimonial: “Keli vibrationally reflects who you presently are defining yourself to be with such clarity, that you perceive the deeper inherent possibilities of the evolving self. She encourages you to expand the containers you may have yourself boxed up in, freeing them into the more mythic, archetypal containers of self by resonating with your essence rather than your ego. In this gift she offers you a direct experience of your divine presence. She sees you as already perfect, not needing to be fixed or changed in anyway. She simply offers the transformative power of divine unconditional love, which acts as a natural catalyst to new growth rings of consciousness.”