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    Conscious Dating

    Your search to find your special someone can be frustrating and time-consuming! This is why many singles, possibly like you, feel despair that “it” will ever happen and give up completely or settle for someone who isn’t right for them — ultimately, living a lonely and unfulfilled life. You are not alone.

    If you are currently in the dating world or are seeking ways to deepen your existing dating relationship(s), Conscious Dating is likely for you. Imagine a world where we all rise up and present our authentic selves in each relationship, leading from our hearts rather than our pain, a place where we offer a positive mindset, and date with intention and purpose.

    Conscious dating is dating from the soul. It is dating from a heart-centered standpoint rather than an ego-centered standpoint. When we date consciously, we move from the inside out. We are motivated not by fear or insecurity, but by our innermost needs and values. Together we will look inside at who you are on a soul-level, to truly understand yourself and your relationships, and to touch the deep and tender reasons why you want, what you want, and why you’ve had the dating experiences you’ve had.

    Unfortunately, we live in a culture in which dating is considered a game, and built into the idea of a game is “winning.” We all want to win the dating game, but few of us consider what this means and the toll it takes on ourselves and our souls. We think that in order to win the game we cannot show any weakness or insecurity, and so we offer altered and false versions of ourselves, believing this will give us an advantage. But hiding in this way attracts the wrong people who are also trying to win the game. Each of those people are drawn in, not by a real human being, but by a performance. This results in suffering. When we approach dating as if it’s a game, we are bound to lose.

    Dating may never be easy, but it doesn’t have to be painful. Conscious dating won’t remove the butterflies that come with meeting someone new, but it is a fresh, empowering entry into the experience. When you know who you are, when you understand your motivations and accept yourself as you are, you give others the freedom to do the same. If a relationship doesn’t work out, it’s not failure – it simply means it’s not a match. The very things that tarnished dating in the past become opportunities to practice acceptance and permit growth. Dating can be an adventure instead of a chore. It can make you feel connected instead of alienated. The best advice is to open your heart to the possibility of a different experience, one that is challenging but expansive, that softens your heart instead of protecting it, and actually unites you with your innermost self.This journey begins with individual work. Before anyone can begin dating consciously, we must take a gentle, yet deep, dive into ourselves. The more deeply you can connect with yourself, the more consciously you can date. This includes looking to your life, history, motivations, values, and goals. You have to be real with yourself about the roles you’ve played in your past dating experiences and where your soul is in the present moment. This work of creating self-awareness and practicing vulnerability is our starting point, but it is ongoing throughout our work together. It is a beautiful process that will inform your dating life, as well as life, in general.

    I’ll help you get crystal clear about what will make you truly happy, and as importantly, what to avoid. I’ll also teach you how to navigate the early logistics of dating in a conscious way. This includes practical tools for finding compatible individuals to date, approaching first impressions, discerning red flags, reaching out after the first date, and fostering conscious communication skills. All of this work is supported by journaling, meditation, and other self-exploration exercises.

    Then we’ll focus on the complex challenges that are faced while dating. Dealing with anxiety, losing interest, processing rejection, handling the realities of children and geography, navigating the first conflict, knowing when to let go, etc. These challenges can all be approached in a mindful and productive way, no matter the outcome.

    This work can absolutely help those already in a dating relationship(s). Consciousness practices like opening into vulnerability, active listening, meditation and journaling nurture intimacy in all stages. There is never a bad time to integrate these practices into a relationship.

    It is possible for dating to be a life-affirming experience, in which even rejection becomes growth, and the pursuit of love is fulfilling in and of itself. You will emerge equipped to date without fear, with a full, open heart and a clear mind. Whether we work together in individual therapy, private coaching, or my Deeper Dating group you’ll begin to understand the secrets for easily, effectively, and efficiently attracting the partner who’s right for you. Let’s get you started today!