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    6 New Hobbies You Can Learn to Keep Your Skills Fresh and Fun 

    Hobbies can do more than just help you kill some time. They can add some killer new skills to your collection of talents, and even keep you happier and less stressed. Whether you like to learn online or in a group, there’s a new activity for you. Looking for some new skills and hobbies to add some fun to your life? Then look no further than this list: 

    Brush Up Your Cooking Skills  

    We all need to eat, so why not make those meals healthy and delicious? One of the best ways to keep tasty, healthy options on your plate is to prepare them yourself. You can follow some skilled food bloggers to take your own kitchen skills to the next level and make sure you always have something good to eat. Grab some kitchen basics, and make sure you practice kitchen safety when cooking at home. Prefer a hands-on experience? You can find cooking classes that will give you the practical lessons you crave. Learning to cook is a good way to stay healthy, and you can also relieve stress by cooking some amazing meals for your friends and loved ones. 

    Teach an Old Dog New Tricks 

    If you have pets, there are a few different skills you can learn in a group or online that can help you keep your furry friends healthy and happy. Teach your dog some new commands, including stay, leave it and sit. You can also take your dog to some group training classes to work on commands while helping to socialize your dog with other people and animals. 

    Practice a New Instrument 

    If music is your passion, why not pick up a new instrument? Learning to play a new instrument can have positive effects on your physical and mental health, and music is a good way to relieve stress. If you already play an instrument, such as a guitar, try challenging yourself with a similar one, such as a banjo or even a ukulele. You can find videos online to teach you how to play your favorite songs. If you would like to learn with others, look for group music lessons or get together with friends for some fun jam sessions. 

    Chart the Sky and Stars  

    The world around us is so full of wonder and beauty. Another fun skill you can learn online or with others is how to read the night sky. You can chart the stars, follow the phases of the moon, or even spot the International Space Station. Use an app on your phone to see what stars are above you at night. To learn about stars and galaxies in a group, look for local planetariums, natural history museums or observatory sessions. There are even dark sky campgrounds dedicated to viewing the expanse of the universe.

    Learn to Grow Herbs and Plants 

    Growing a garden isn’t just for your grandparents. Gardening is actually a good way to relieve stress, and it’s easy to grow plants, herbs and flowers outside or even inside your home. You can use a variety of containers to plant your favorites near a window or on your porch. If you prefer to keep your plants away from windows or don’t have a convenient way of providing them natural light, try these grow lights to keep your harvest full. Some indoor herbs may need to be insulated with plastic or special tenting. You can check online for tips on gardening on your own or find a local gardening class to learn how to care for your stress-relieving plants. 

    IT: A Career With No Limits

    Ready to pursue a career with near limitless potential? Information technology professionals are highly sought after, and enjoy a rewarding career and top pay. With this highly skilled profession, a degree is critical, not just to get your foot in the door but to be successful when you land your job. To help get you there, online IT degree programs like those offered by WGU have the ultimate flexibility for you to set the pace of your learning, and help prepare you afterward to maximize your earning!

    Growing your talents is easier than ever with online lessons, tutorials and classes. You can pick up a new hobby alone or in a group, and discover some new passions that will keep you healthy, happy and enjoying life. 


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